Character Descriptions for Twelve Angry Men:

JUROR 1 is the Foreman and responsible for keeping the jury organized, his main focus in the play. He is an assistant football coach outside of the jury room. (25-65)

JUROR 2 is a shy bank clerk who takes time to feel comfortable enough to participate in the discussion. (25-65)

JUROR 3 is a small business owner. He proudly says that he started his business from scratch and now employs thirty-four workers. We learn early on that he has a bad relationship with his son, with whom he is no longer speaking. We are led to believe that this is a contributing factor to his prejudice against the defendant, accused of stabbing his own father. He is the last to be convinced. (40-65)

JUROR 4 is a stock broker. He wears glasses and seems to handle himself with a very serious air. He deals with the facts of the case logically and concretely. (25-65)

JUROR 5 works in a Harlem hospital and says that he has lived in the slums his entire life. This gives him insight into such details as the use of a switchblade. (21-40)

JUROR 6 is a house painter, he is happy that the case continues as it means he doesn’t have to work, but is hesitant to put a potential killer back on the streets. He sticks up for Juror 9, an old man, and seems to be a respectful. (25-65)

JUROR 7’s main concern in the case is whether or not it will end before his ball game, for which he has tickets, starts.  He sells marmalade and is generally indifferent to the case. He changes his vote to “not guilty” simply because the tide of opinion switches, and he wants the deliberations to be over. (30-50)

JUROR 8 is the only juror who votes “not guilty” at the first vote. He is unhappy with the way the trial was handled and wants them to discuss the evidence in greater detail. Met with much opposition, he continues to advocate for the boy. We learn that he is an architect, by trade. (30-50)

JUROR 9 is an old man. He respects Juror 8’s passion and sense of justice and quickly comes to his aid and becomes an advocate for the defendant. (70+)

JUROR 10 is one of the most fervent attackers of the defendant. Tactless and bigoted, he condemns the defendant as “one of them” right from the start. (40-60)

JUROR 11 is a German immigrant watchmaker. He is patriotic and talks about how much he loves the American justice system. (25-60)

JUROR 12 works for a marketing agency, to which job he refers to often. He seems constantly distracted from the case. (25-50)

GUARD assists at the door of the Jury Room by procuring the requested items of evidence for the jurors’ examination. (Any)

JUDGE is an offstage voice.

12 Angry Men will be performed at Cornerstone Playhouse located at 74 Main Street in Sussex, NJ.

Show dates are:

Friday, Feb. 14th & 21st @ 8:00PM Saturday, Feb. 15th & 22nd @ 8:00PM Sunday, Feb. 16th & 23rd @ 2:00PM

“Funding has been made available in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, through the State/County Partnership Block Grant Program, as administered by the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council. Additional funding is provided by the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.”

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